Tria Prima Podcast Collaboration with Keepers Of The Word

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Freemasonry, Podcast

When the Brothers from the Keepers Of The Word podcast reached out and asked if we would like to record an episode together we quickly agreed. These guys are knowledgable about The Craft and are full of insight. Jaime, Jake and I talked with the Keepers Of The Word for over and hour and a half about the spiritual journey that can be found in Freemasonry. 

We all come to The Craft from different starting points in search of something personal. That thing we search for is as varied as the men in our fraternity. For some it may be friendship, charity or history. For others it might include their spiritual journey. In this episode the brothers discuss how our unique roads into Freemasonry intersected our spiritual path. 

If you enjoy the kinds of conversations we have on Tria Prima, you are sure to like Keepers Of The Word. Make sure to subscribe to their channel.

In February we’ll be recording another episode together, only this time they will be joining our podcast. We will be sharing those dates soon. 

Thanks again for all of your support.