The Grand Communication Episode

Dec 21, 2023

UPDATE: This episode’s audio has been updated to fix a issue where Jaime’s sounds dropped out the second half of the episoide. It should now play as intended. Thanks to the listners who pointed out the issue.

The Tria Prima guys are joined by author Nathan Schick to talk about his new book The Grand Communication: Freemasonry’s Alchemical Quest for Divine Communication. Published by Tria Prima Press.

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The Grand Communication provides a fresh look at Freemasonry’s ritual and symbols by journeying back into history to trace the wars, global exploration, scientific discoveries, monarchs and ideas that led to Freemasonry as we know it. He touches on everything from Noah and the Book of Genisis to Alchemy, Hermeticism, beer brewing, early stone mason guilds and the Philosophers Stone. Nate delivers all of this in a conversational and accessible style.

Schick is a professor at Arizona State University in the School of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies. He’s an master mason and active member of Glendale Lodge #23. He is a master ritualist and master lecturer under the Grand Lodge of Arizona.