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Thanks for checking out or podcast. It was inspired from the many lively conversations we had over lunch about Freemasonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition.

We all met at Ascension #89, a traditional observance lodge in Phoenix, Arizona. Jaime, a 32° Freemason, is a masonic author and long time student of the esoteric. Jake, a 32° Freemason and Knight Templar, is part of the new breed of esoteric Freemasons. Pat is a newly made Entered Apprentice with a lot of questions.

We try to keep it conversational while still leaving some meat on the bone.

If you have questions, suggestions or topics we’d love to hear from you.

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Masonic Renaissance

Masonic Renaissance

In this episode of the Tria Prima Podcast Jaime, Jake and Pat talk about the Masonic Renaissance that is taking place accross Freemasonry. We discuss the Masonic Restoration Foundation and what's it's like to attend asn observant lodge.

Astrology Part 2

Astrology Part 2

The long awaited part two of or series on Astrology. In this episode the Trio Prima guys go deeper into Astrology and talk about natal charts and how to start studying astrology. We get into the weeds in this one. If you are new to the subject make sure...

Astrology Part 1

Astrology Part 1

In this episode of the Tria Prima Podcast we discuss a passion of Jaime and Jake: Astrology. This topic is going to be a two part episode so buckle up. In part one Jake and Jaime give us a high level view of the ideas around astrology and how studying...

Hermetic Cosmology

In this episode Jaime, Jake and Pat discuss the cosmological model used by the ancient Hermetists, consisting of the spheres of the elements, planets, zodiac, and beyond. Based on the system popularized by Ptolemy, this model was shared by the...

Bonus Episode with Keepers of the Word

Bonus Episode with Keepers of the Word

In this bonus episode of Tria Prima we go off the rails and get weird with the brothers from the Keepers of the Word Podcast. We discuss conspiracy theories some Masonic, some not. In this sarcastic filled episode we look at the out-there and dark things...

Podcast Hosted by:

Jaime Paul Lamb

Jacob Trayer

Pat Shannahan 

 Theme Music by

Dan Hawkins

Audio Engineering by:

Mike Kramer


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