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Tria Prima was started by three Brothers whose Masonic journeys’ converged at Ascension Lodge 89, each with a passion for studying and learning about the Western Esoteric Tradition –each of us on a personal quest to “Know Thyself.”

Our goal at Tria Prima has always been to create a place where these ideas can be shared, studied, and enjoyed by all that are interested. It started with sharing research papers built with a keen eye on visuals and design, then we created the Tria Prima Podcast. We invite members of the Freemason and Western Esoteric community to contribute research papers and blogs.

Our goal with the podcast was to provide the listener with a more uncut and ‘off the cuff’ experience as we discuss topics that interest us. We seek a balance between the dense, scholarly papers and the more relaxed conversation based podcast.

Today we are excited to announce that we are taking another step in our evolution – we are publishing our first book as a print book publisher. On May 19th we will release, in partnership with acclaimed Masonic author P.D. Newman, his Angels in Vermilion: The Philosophers’ Stone: from Dee to DMT. In it, Newman explores the history, and breaks new ground concerning one of alchemy’s greatest mysteries – the philosophers’ stone. 

Newman is known to many as the author of Alchemically Stoned: The Psychedelic Secret of Freemasonry, which explains his theory that practical psychoactive pharmacology lies concealed in the allegories and mysteries of Freemasonry.  He is a frequent contributor of research papers to Tria Prima. We are very excited to help him publish his latest work.

The book cover is by Travis Lawrence, a very talented Masonic artis working in woodcut.

Tria Prima is a labor of love for those of us who run the site and those that contribute. This is no one’s job. It’s our gift to all that search for esoteric knowledge. If you wish to support the site the best way is to buy a book. Tria Prima earns a small percentage of each sale, with the overwhelming majority going to the author who spent countless hours researching and writing. We hope to reinvest any money we make back into the site to keep telling great stories, commission more high quality visuals and pay for the podcast hosting.

We are probably a week away from being able to take pre-orders. If you sign up for the Tria Prima newsletter we’ll send you a link as soon as we are ready,

We already have a second book in the works, and hope to release many more in the years to come! We invite those in the western esoteric community who may be interested in submitting a manuscript for review to contact us at


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