The Moon Goddess Columbia and the Birth of America

by | Jun 30, 2020 | Freemasonry, Qabalah

Written by Adam Goldman

The labor pains that drove our Founding Fathers to break ties with the tyrannical British Empire, were mirrored in the Heavens as we inched ever closer to formally declaring our independence on the 4th of July 1776.

King George III played the role of Saturn and we, the American Colonists, portrayed the Moon. In mythology or film, the scene could be depicted as a passionate young altruist in a standoff with her despotic grandfather. As the storyline unfolds, we would find supporting roles for our heroin’s father and other family members. Such was the drama playing out above the Colonists’ heads that day and, to memorialize the Moon Goddess Columbia’s role in birthing our nation, we named our capital after her, the “District of Columbia.” 

 Looking at the birth, or “natal,” chart for that fateful day, we find that our Moon Mother took on her dual role as the Goddess of Chaos and Discord—known to the ancients as Eris or Discordia—in securing Jupiter’s assistance to neuter his own father, Saturn or Kronos. As you can see in the chart below, Columbia and Jupiter’s Cancerian Coup was supported by the Gods Mercury, Venus and Apollo/the Sun.

What is the Hour?

Nearly all of the research and analysis of our nation’s birth chart has applied either 2:13am (Evangeline Adams), 11am (Ron Howland), Noon (Frank Piechoski) or 5:10pm (Ebenezer Sibly) in their calculations. The latter “Sibly Chart” is the most widely accepted because, as Robert Currey noted, “[Sibley] was alive at the time of the signing and could have had access to witnesses and records that are not available today. As a freemason, Sibly may have had connections with fellow masons and signatories: Hancock, Washington and Franklin.” As compelling as the Sibley-was-a-Freemason rationale might be, I prefer the time associated with another Mason, Most Worshipful Brother Benjamin Franklin.

 America’s $100 bill highlights both Brother Franklin and Independence Hall—where the Declaration of Independence was adopted, as the story goes, on the 4th of July 1776. Franklin was a prolific Astrologer and, for students of the Mysteries, there can be no doubt as to why the clock on the obverse of Franklin’s bill camouflages the time 2:22.

For confirmation, we look to the study of Gematria/Qabalah and find that 222 corresponds to: Hidden Codes, Liberation, Blessings and Bindings, among other associations. For these and instinctual reasons, I have chosen to use 2:22 pm in my own analysis.


The New World Order 

Scorpio was rising/ascendant in the Zodiac as Columbia heaved us from her womb. Scorpio’s rising supplemented our Founders’ resolve—especially the planning and commitment necessary for such a bold undertaking. Scorpio’s ruling planet, Mars, was in the sign of “The Twins” at 2:22 pm and, as one author noted, Mars in Gemini indicates “facility with language [and] plays an important role in [our] life and fate.”

Our course as a nation was, indeed, set in stone by the clever treatise inscribed on parchment that fateful afternoon.

 In Aquarius, our Lunar Mother, Columbia, inherited her Lockean love for freedom and tendency towards humanitarianism. In the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress, we find a statement which perfectly embodies her sentiment, “[w]e hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  

Saturn squatting in Libra also favored the new rule of law proposed by our Founders. Our revolutionaries’ much-needed courage was hand-delivered by Mercury’s opposition to the Plutonian disrupter. Their adversarial relationship emboldened the Colonists and steeled their resolve against British autocracy and bullying. Taken together, we find Patrick Henry’s famous quote, “give me liberty or give me death.” 

Communication Breakdown

 Could this all be some sort of galactic coincidence or, as some claim, retroactively shoehorning the Zodiacal alignments to support the historical narrative? Of course that’s possible but, studying Secret Societies and “the Bloodlines” for decades, I’d warn against that type of naïveté. There’s an old saying, “Millionaires don’t care about Astrology, but Billionaires do.” “Billionaires” is just shorthand for the Bloodlines and many of them, like Nancy Reagan, consulted the stars whenever they were confronted with significant events.

 In her analysis, Lina Accurso wrote that “Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (another all-around philosophical and scientific genius) conspired to have the Declaration of Independence adopted on July 4, 1776, rather than on July 2, the date urged by in a hurry John Adams. July 2, the Moon was in one of its weakest signs, Capricorn, where it would oppose the Cancer Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. By July 4, the full Moon was safely into Aquarius and well out of opposition to the Sun.” 

What does it all mean for this year’s Fourth of July? At 2:22pm, our Lunar Mother will be opposing her father’s messenger, Mercury. Columbia’s issues with Mercury will likely lead to miscommunications among our nation’s friends and foes. Personally, we may also find internal conflicts between our thoughts and emotions. Both will only be made worse by Mars lodging in the fiery sign of Aries. How can we lessen the effects of the Mercurian Lunar stalemate?

Drink a beer. Eat a hotdog. Don’t take things personally until Columbia and Mercury sort things out.


Believe me, it won’t be as bad as 1826 when two Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, died on the Fourth. Enjoy time with your friends and family—and remember to look up at the Stars—our Mother will be celebrating with us. And to the Astrological naysayers at your barbecue, remind them of Brother Franklin’s thinking on the matter:

“Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, had in high Esteem of old, by the Wise and Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight a Battle, in short, no important Affair was taken without first consulting an Astrologer, who examined the Aspects and Configurations of the heavenly bodies, and mark’d the lucky hour. Now the noble Art (more Shame to the Age we live in!) is dwindled into contempt; the Great neglect us, Empires make Leagues, and Parliaments Laws, without advising with us; and scarce any other Use is made of our learned Labors, than to find the best time cutting Corns, or gelding Pigs, – this Mischief we owe in a great Measure to ourselves: The ignorant Herd of Mankind: had they not been encourag’d to it by some of us, would never have dared to deprecate our sacred Dictates; but Urania has been betray’d by her own Sons: those whom she had favored with the greatest skill in her divine art, the most eminent astronomers among the Moderns, the Newtons, Helleys, and Whistons have wantonly condem’d and abus’d her, contrary to the Light of their own Consciouses.”

Written by Adam Goldman